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How do I join Pay168Bet?
- visit, then fill up the form and hit "register" and you can start sufring in our site.

How do I deposit into my account?
- Click on the Pay168Bet logo at the bottom-right corner to chat with our 24/7 live agent, the agent shall assist you for further procedures.

How to claim the promotion that I've chosen?
- You may inform our live agent of which one to claim during topup session. (Always read through the T&C for your own best interest)

What is Turnover (Valid Bet Turnover)?
- Turnover is accumulated of total Win or Loss (Valid Bet) amount that not over than Stake Amount. Meanwhile, members can always check it from the Transaction History in our API.

How do I withdraw from my account?
- Click on the "Withdraw" button on the top-right corner, fill up the details and proceed to harvest your winnings.

How long does it cost for the withdrawal process?
- The withdrawal will usually take 5 ~ 20mins to process.

How do I transfer credit among providers?
- Click on the wallet icon on the top right corner, there's where you can transfer credit to/from any dedicated provider.

What currency does Pay168Bet accept?
- We accept MYR and USDT only.